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Actually I feel okay, all things considered. Just a bit of Sunday evening overindulgence, which is as it should be. Storms. Sirens. Profiteroles. Pass the Pigs. Peppermint tea. I am actually too unconfortable to write much more. This is the sky from a laptop screen. There are some shoes hanging from the telephone wires. I […]



                                  My brother made this when he was 12. It has JR2GE carved into the bottom of it. He gave it to me. Actually I think I comandeered it, having an eye for promising naïve art, as I did. Probably […]

This is a picture of the moon. I am about to do some decoupage butchery on it, so consider this the before picture. I have won two trivia quizzes in four days. The only thing that is remarkable about this is how bad I am at quizzes. I have some pretty smart friends, which is […]

I love these windows. They only reveal their true loveliness at night. They remind me of port holes on a ship. My father used to stay two doors down when he worked in Wellington for a while, and it’s just down the road from my brother and his girlfriend’s place, and it’s a short stroll from […]

  Counting in my head is one of my favourite things to do. I just realised this officially the other day as I was getting off the bus. Someone spoke to me (how inconsiderate) as I was deep in mental arithmetic and the numbers went clean out of my head and I was secretly pretty pissed […]

I loved her from the minute I laid eyes on her, always fleetingly, but I never understood her. I think that’s why I loved her. She never seemed to fit quite right. I never knew how she got there. But sure enough there she always is – still – demure, forever the suppliant, every time we hit […]