And so


Here I am/it is. Starting this when I am supposed to be doing something else. Not sure if I’m pretending to write a diary, but in a public forum, or if I’m assuming some kind of public face and should be coming up with something of note or interest. If the latter then I haven’t thought this through.

Today my thoughts on the online/blogging matter at hand (and in fact the general hue of the whole day) are that there’s a certain pointlessness to all of this. Are we chasing our own tails or just circle jerking in cyber space and who gives a shit on facebook if you have a sinus infection?  But that’s just me, and just for today.

I don’t presume I have much of novelty to say. Or much to show. Or tell. But let’s see. Worst case scenario: the link to katyink just becomes an error #404 in a sea of dead pages that once existed. Like when you remove a blu-tacked photo from a wall and all that remains is the yellowish outline around it.

Dorothy on a dark bed, reading

Dorothy on a dark bed, reading


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