something I prepared earlier


sky blog

The words will be nigh on illegible (brooding sky interfering with the lettering and all that).

Thank heavens for cut and paste, as follows:

I bought bathroom tiles today (breaking free of my swine
flu quarantine). I worked from home, which involved a bit of
me sitting on the kitchen floor and tapping on the french door
windows until the cats noticed me and came to pat their paws
against the glass. I picked up the drycleaning from the shop
on the corner, opened the mail but then forgot about it and
left it in the letterbox.

Today we got an invitation to a wedding in Italy and I paused
on the steps to our house for a bit, entertaining the fantasy,
but recognising that’s all it was.

Somewhere along the line I stopped being someone who can
deal with too much solitude. Don’t get me wrong. I spend as
much time as anyone inside my own head. I have the best
and the worst times on my own. But when I picked you up
from your afterwork drinks tonight and we drove aimlessly
for a bit, talking about our days and making plans, I felt like
things were okay; it was like my day got its kilter back just
by having you back in it.


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