the correlation between lucidity & altitude

How the world looks when things are at their clearest

How the world looks when things are at their clearest

It’s the best thing about planes. The sheer ear-popping clarity that smacks you in the face (or rattles in your head like intense cabin pressure) out of nowhere. All it takes is a little elevation. Or distance.
A typical scenario could be:
You’re befuddled on the tarmac,  harangued by the spirally inner monologue you’ve been trying to train yourself out of for years.
Your handbag is an abyss and you are not prepared for wherever you are going.
You should be filled with a sense of pleasant anticipation but all you get is a soulsucking dread.
You won $2 on a Instant Kiwi while killing time, but got a $40 parking ticket for trying to save time on your way to the airport.
You take it out on your travelling companion (although you can’t be at all specific about what it is, exactly), and still he cups his hand over yours, instinctively, during a treacherous take-off. And yet, despite these small kindnesses, still you are lukewarm at best (and even that is an effort).
And then it happens, somewhere above the clouds. The world is pure and clear and you are magnanimous and insightful. Everything is future-bound – in a good way. Things make sense. You are potent and the human version of godlike. You are loving and sweet.
And all that has changed is your distance from earth. Weird.

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