the post where I have nothing to say, but say something anyway


this is the moon (really it is)

This is a picture of the moon. I am about to do some decoupage butchery on it, so consider this the before picture.

I have won two trivia quizzes in four days. The only thing that is remarkable about this is how bad I am at quizzes. I have some pretty smart friends, which is probably well planned on my part. I think we won a bar tab or something.

The best things I learned tonight were that a woman invented the windscreen wiper and – actually – all the other trivia has evaporated from the small well inside my head already. Gone, within a measly hour of finishing. Which is probably why I am no good at quizzes.

I enjoy them though. Sort of in the same way as I enjoy tenpin bowling (diabolically, and usually in between glasses of revolting house wine, preferably on the nights where they dim the lights and play disco music) and wizened memories of iceskating. 

Tonight the venue had spectacularly bold carpet (I’m regretting not taking a photo) and the oozing-from-the-pores-of-the-place smell of old smoke and old brew, which made the entire outing worth it in itself.

the shadow my table casts on a sunny day

This is a picture of a shadow, specifically the shadow my table casts in the courtyard on a sunny day. If I were to get a tattoo, I would probably get a tattoo of this. It is so much more beautiful than the table itself, which is perfectly okay but nothing you would look twice at. Plus all the paint is coming off it. 

Goes to show how a thing can be transformed, or at least appreciated in a new light. Light being the thing.

And now I will draw comparisons between the moon (figure 1) and the shadow (figure 2), because I can. It comes down to light and dark, again. Easy. The absence and presence of. The interplay. The juxtaposition. The delicately contrapuntal relationship between form (dark) and space (light). Or, in the case of the moon, form (light) and space (dark).

Can you tell I am running out of words with which to say the same thing over and over until I reach a conclusion that is acceptable to me? Whether or not it is acceptable to you is actually irrelevant (as last time I checked this had a grand total of nine page views at its record-breaking peak).

fireworks that look like jellyfish

No prizes for guessing, but this is a photo of fireworks. Taken from a balcony in Roseneath where we hang out every November. They look kinda like jellyfish.

I don’t know what I am trying to illustrate here, exactly. Maybe it’s just a black and white theme. Maybe it’s just because I like all three pictures and wanted to know what they would look like next to each other. That would be okay, wouldn’t it, if that was all it meant?

(No hidden meaning, honestly. Unless you want to fashion one yourself.)


One Response to “the post where I have nothing to say, but say something anyway”

  1. 1 katy77

    Oh, I just remembered one other piece of trivia from tonight’s quiz. Jennifer Lopez is afraid of the dark.

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