charcoal pietadiffuse glow pieta









pieta grainypieta blue










My brother made this when he was 12. It has JR2GE carved into the bottom of it. He gave it to me. Actually I think I comandeered it, having an eye for promising naïve art, as I did. Probably I identified an air of Picasso about it. Or really I think it was just the rough-edged sweetness of it that appealed to me most of all.

Now it sits on my green kitchen cabinet, next to the slightly broken decanter and my red Russian doll. I admire it often.

Sometimes my brother threatens to steal it. One night he hid it from me and I started to worry, but it was only tucked away behind some recipe books.

Judging by the jellybean-like Jesus, I’m pretty sure this is a mother & child scenario, probably fired in the kiln some time around Easter. But it reminds me of the Pietà. That’s a whole other story though, and it’s late. Above all it reminds me of James.


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