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At first I posted this on its own but then realised the words were rubbish and the only truly identifiable things were the cut-out sparrows (which you could have worked out from the title anyway).  So, a narrative. Si on an interview, which lasts for nearly 2 hrs. I’m supposed to be studying. So instead I talk on the […]



Fernhill is down the road from my parents’ house. These are photos I took in the weekend, on my way back from coming and going. I would say that Fernhill is quintessential New Zealand if I wanted to sound like an art history book from the 1940s. (It kind of is, though). It has a […]

the road trip


This is us broken down in the Rimutakas this evening. Sunday night return trip. The first time the car broke down we thought it was because the petrol light had come on, and we were miles from the nearest petrol station. Then we found the Onga Onga General Store (and met a puppy called Brandy, […]

On caring


There’s a fine line between caring too much and not enough. How do you know if you care just the right amount? How do you stop yourself under-caring? Or over-caring?



This is my little Sylvie-Blossom. She is more red panda than she is cat. She is more fluff than she is substance. She has short little legs and a twitchy disposition. She likes to smooch in the dead of night and when no one else is around to get her all twitchy. She gets especially […]

This is the cabbage tree outside my bedroom when I was a teenager. I found it – and the poem – today when I was tidying up. I say tidying up but really I was just rummaging, because nothing got tidied. I was pretty obsessed with this cabbage tree. It was my adolescent talisman for […]

This is a page from my journal nearly 10 years ago. The polaroid is a picture of my face in the rear view mirror of the Fiat. I still have the polaroid (framed, directly above the kitchen light switch) but my face has faded from it. There’s just a cloudy greyness now. Kinda symbolic. Maybe […]