SylvieThis is my little Sylvie-Blossom. She is more red panda than she is cat. She is more fluff than she is substance. She has short little legs and a twitchy disposition.

She likes to smooch in the dead of night and when no one else is around to get her all twitchy. She gets especially smoochy on the stairs (either halfway up or at the top, hiding behind the balustrade) and in the presence of table legs.

She is curious but shy. She has a black nose and a tentative little sniff.

She will only come at her food from the left hand side of the bowl.

She is always quiet except when she is bringing gifts of leaves in the middle of the night, usually nightly. And then she announces herself with a repeated yelp, and leaves her leaves on the landing at the top of the stairs.

She idolises her brother and likes to follow him around. She licks his ears. He never licks hers, but she doesn’t mind. It’s enough for her just that he lets her. She considers it an honour.

She likes shirking collars and teasing cats twice her size. She likes sitting outside the spare room door when people are staying and then running away when she figures her cover might get blown.

When she is scared (which is quite often) she scuttles with her belly very close to the ground and her bushy tail trailing behind her like an afterthought.

She likes batting at things with her paws and crawling up in a ball and falling asleep inside things that are fractionally too small for her.

She has a permanent kink in her tail post a nasty little scrape and an expensive vet bill. It’s sort of like a question mark now.

When she was little she got the handle of a garden sack stuck round her neck and in an attempt to disencumber herself she ran madly around with it flapping behind her like a giant canvas cape. By the time we managed to catch her she was so traumatised she ran away for hours and hours. When she returned she had big saucer eyes. I think that’s why to this day she startles at the smallest noise and tries to free herself of collars in a panic (although she now has a very pretty pink one which she has come to accept). Her personality changed after that day.

And that is the story of how Sylvie Girl got timid.


2 Responses to “Sylvie”

  1. dear sylvie,
    its ok to get a little scared at times and being picky about your food show discernment. I love your late night visits too and bax really is as cool as you reckon he is. What good taste you have! Thank you for posing for such a lovely photo. You’re my new wallpaper 🙂

    Hugs and kisses – your other mummy

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