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on movement


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Still life vs The Moving Thing. How to capture movement. This is the pattern from a light machine. I liked not knowing how the picture would turn out when I took it, because of the frenzy of moving light (and also because the viewfinder was in total […]

So, in my last post I talked about the thing in the gutter that reminded me of an aorta every morning on my way to work. Today, being the Saturday of a long weekend, we went for a walk and I picked up the aorta thing. This is it. It actually looks quite revolting. It’s some sort […]

Most days I don’t go far. I walk to work. It takes me about 15 minutes. I live in town and work in town. In a typical weekday I traverse an area that I would estimate to be approximately three or four square kilometres. If I consider the usual outer limits of my wanderings and […]

dorothy origami


  Possibly illegible? Hot off the Photoshop press, complete with typos, probably. Remind me next time to fashion something in portrait rather than landscape. Far more sensible.

So. Revisiting the archives. Blah blah. I thought this was the piece of paper that said & pieces of paper roll off the tongue. But it’s not. This is a photo of my mother’s family place in The Sounds, taken years ago. And a glued in rubber band and some cut out words. It can’t […]

Happy Valley


I’ve always thought Happy Valley is a slightly unfortunate name (nay, ironic) for Happy Valley. A weird sort of oppression enters my soul when we drive through it. It is usually overcast, and – even if it’s not – the place is dark and casts long shadows. This house here – the grass has grown […]

                  I wasn’t going to post another entry until I had completed my assignment (on Communities of Practice – anyone want a run-down?)….. but then, procrastinating, I tried to see if my head would fit through the cat door. And it wouldn’t. And then I thought to […]