my pulverised, dirty, plastic-bagged aorta


Roadside aorta in a specimen bagSo, in my last post I talked about the thing in the gutter that reminded me of an aorta every morning on my way to work.

Today, being the Saturday of a long weekend, we went for a walk and I picked up the aorta thing. This is it. It actually looks quite revolting. It’s some sort of rock, reddish, sort of the texture and colour of some median strips. Or maybe I am making that up.

I stuck it in my bag as we made our way around town. It broke a bit. Which means it’s a friable kind of rock.

We did all sorts of stuff in town, and if it wasn’t time for my afternoon nap right now I would go into some detail. We listened to bells playing, wandered around, bought books, walked and walked, caught the bus, chatted about Cuba, got underwhelmed by some art. It was fun. I haven’t had a weekend town excursion in a while. It almost made me forget the A- minus I just received on my final assignment.

Admittedly, on closer inspection and in captivity, my aorta looks more like dogshit. Some things just don’t stand up to scrutiny. Some things probably aren’t best represented inside a plastic bag.

heart (actual anatomy)


2 Responses to “my pulverised, dirty, plastic-bagged aorta”

  1. 1 Lisa Fraser-Clark

    Congrats on the A- minus.

    I think it still kind of looks like an aorta, but the bag does detract from it a little. I feel your pain on collecting an object you walk past everyday. I walked past a leaf everyday for nearly a week on my way to the bustop in the morning. I’m obsessed with leaves, and much to sarah’s annoyance, have a collection (which I will do something with someday). Anyway I believed that this leaf was a great natural sculpture, kind of twisted and prettily coloured. So i finally picked up and brought it home. When the rain dries off the colors weren’t so bright and the twisted part made it just look like a screwed up leaf on my counter. The magic was lost. Maybe these objects are just meant to be left . . .

  2. 2 katy77

    Yeah I think some things are probably best left… I’m pleased to hear it’s not just me who obsesses over this stuff!

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