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This will be piecemeal. Or maybe I just mean it won’t hang together well. Or, I am going through the few unrelated shots I have on my phone from the weekend, before I relegate them to the recycle bin. Why is it Hawkes Bay always looks something like this, in photos? Glorious and blue and […]

This is just a selection of them. This was practically the best thing about the weekend just been. Finding Simon’s childhood sticker collection. That, and hanging out in a swimming pool. And Popcorn Chicken in Paraparaumu (technically outside Wellington, so I wasn’t breaking my no KFC in Wellington rule). My childhood sticker collection has long since gone […]

  I guess if you translate the French, having a headache = having a bad head. I am at work with a sun umbrella, sweating. I’m on sort-of-secondment, and I’m starting to miss my real desk/cocoon. Today I have a bad head. Tonight, a road trip. I must buy cat food. If you keep your […]

I am banished. I am not allowed upstairs until I have done some writing. Let me tell you about the predicament which has led to my digital detox. Nearly two weeks ago my laptop adaptor died. I had someone at work assess the situation and then I promptly ordered a new one online. For the […]

Still on a borrowed laptop, so haven’t got my groove on. Feel like moping but to do it here would make me feel like serial facebook updaters who talk mostly or only about their ailments. Once or twice is okay (especially if the ailment is gruesome or noteworthy), but I know people who post I’m […]

the Sunday post


I have no laptop at present, so am using Si’s. It’s Sunday night. I am tucked up in bed with new sheets, tomato and capsicum fritatta (sp?) that Si just made me and the sound of the dryer. I am supposed to be writing (which is why I have been allowed to use Simon’s laptop), […]

tragedy, mirth


Good things happen and bad things happen and sometimes the two are indivisible, or remarkably similar looking once you get right down to turning them inside out. Or you can’t just draw a line between them and say that is that. All quiet on the katyink front for a bit. A lot of feather flapping […]