sky backdrop poem [aka untitled]


Funny stuff starts to happen in my head when committing to longer pieces of writing after a significant hiatus. Sort of like my brain retraining or entering a different mode.

Tonight’s example. I find it odd when characters of my own making turn into casual poets, and then sometimes I forget which character is responsible for the poem* (for example they could be characters that don’t even know each other or even exist within the same piece of writing). Or maybe I’m just writing the poem for some respite from them, half in character, half me. It’s kind of like research (at least that’s what I tell myself) or character scoping, all this stuff that doesn’t actually make it to the page.

That sounds totally schizophrenic, probably.


poem part 1poem part 2


One Response to “sky backdrop poem [aka untitled]”

  1. 1 Lisa Fraser-Clark

    Bee-u-tiful. I love how it’s presented and the words work so well.

    “today the sea is a placid rug” – I told you make pretty sentences.
    Absolutely brilliant 🙂

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