digital detox, deep ends & premature proliferations of tinsel


I am banished. I am not allowed upstairs until I have done some writing.

Let me tell you about the predicament which has led to my digital detox. Nearly two weeks ago my laptop adaptor died. I had someone at work assess the situation and then I promptly ordered a new one online. For the last week I have been in a raging battle of oneupmanship with the shonky couriers, and still have no adaptor. Someone should start a courier frustration society. I would most certainly sign up.

Now I am writing on Simon’s laptop. I get to borrow it from time to time if I promise to do actual writing, and not late night work emails. (Unfortunately it just so transpires that I am better at late night work emails than I am at writing.)

The other digital option available to me is our screwed old back-up laptop. The internet on it is worse than dial-up, and on bad nights Word struggles to keep up with my lightning-quick typing.

When I talk about my digital detox, I don’t mean that I have been frolicking in fields of daisies for the last fortnight. I mean that I have had no computer outside of the 10 or so hours a day at work, and the sneaky Facebook and Twitter checking I manage to wrangle after hours on this hot little machine.

I forget my point. I think I had one. All of a sudden I feel really, really tired. But I am not allowed back upstairs, even to sleep.

If the exile were self-imposed I would overrule it with a lack of willpower. But I have Simon acting in my best interests, and he is a little bit harder to argue with than my willpower.

Right now I can’t imagine true digital detox. I can’t even imagine unwinding. Or a holiday that feels like a holiday. Maybe it’s just that time of year and all that fucking tinsel. Some times I think deep ends are good and sometimes I think they are bad. I guess it comes down to the end result, i.e. the sink or swim part. Either it’s a valuable learning curve or a really bad mistake.

But how are you supposed to know which it is until after the fact?


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