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Part 2 of the dredged up make it okay files. Not exactly what you’d call immensely readable, layout wise. At times like these a bit of copy/paste comes works a treat. The non-squinty version bunged below: my eyes are bright with tears & runway lights I was a child bride, the little fish you should […]

the spoon board


This is my spoon board. The favourite of all my Christmas presents. Ruth, my grandmother in law, 87, of Hastings, gave it to me. She has a whole wall of spoon boards, which I have admired – almost coveted – on a number of occasions. Now I will have to collect spoons from all the places […]

Doing a bit of file purging and digging out some old stuff like this, from the make it okay files. Part 1 of 5 or so.

This is another photo of a photo. Well, it’s a photo of DVD being played through a laptop. I like the way it looks. I like the colour of it and I have always been a little bit curious about shoes slung over phone wires. Does it really mean there’s a tinny house in the […]

So this is a bit of a round-up. First night of the holidays. Burnt forearms and got taken home early tonight by a slightly ashamed husband on account of my merriment. The other night, a night or two ago, I put all Simon’s Batman collectors’ cards in order. Not only did he have one full set, […]

This is what I do when I get bored on aeroplanes – take photos of magazine ads and try to pass them off as holiday snaps. Actually I have never done it before this. But – tell me – if I hadn’t written all over this – would you accept it as the real thing?