angel mouse meets santa mouse


(And they both live happily ever after.)

Tonight Angel Mouse met Santa Mouse. Santa Mouse winged his way to us in a FastPost bag, quite unexpected; Angel Mouse was waiting patiently on the tree. Perhaps she knew all along.

Sometimes you just know these things, even if you don’t know you know them.

Sometimes the nicest surprises come in small parcels.

Sometimes the nicest things are the ones that come out of left field, or from the dark regions of a blindspot.

It is nice to have a companion. Angel Mouse and Santa Mouse were meant to be together.

Angel Mouse has always been my favourite. It’s a pleasure to rediscover her every December. I’m pleased she now has a buddy. They look good together.

I will package them up close together, side by side, when this season is over. For their hibernation. And then they will emerge again, closer than ever.


One Response to “angel mouse meets santa mouse”

  1. 1 Jill

    That is so lovely. I am so glad my little love thought for Christmas has brought Christmas cheer to 5c xx

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