the spoon board


This is my spoon board. The favourite of all my Christmas presents.

Ruth, my grandmother in law, 87, of Hastings, gave it to me. She has a whole wall of spoon boards, which I have admired – almost coveted – on a number of occasions.

Now I will have to collect spoons from all the places I visit. Simon is going to try and find me a Hawkes Bay spoon, to commemorate this holiday.

I think I have some leadership and fellowship spoons from school in the cutlery drawer back in Wellington, and they’ll definitely go straight to the spoon board. They’re a bit huckery from years of cups of tea. But I do have some very good silver polish – the foaming kind.

I’m not sure quite where the spoon board will live. I think it may go in our drawing room/library (that’s what I have taken to calling it, as of now, although it’s really just a sitting room – no TV though! – towering with badly arranged books).

Now all I need is a beach house, in which to house my spoons.


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