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my dreaded edit


Tonight I discovered a marvellous combination. Gin and marmalade. Not all in one, but as complements to each other. My latest trick is that I unplug my laptop and can only procrastinate as long as the battery lasts. I figure I have got about 10 more minutes right now (I spent the rest of the […]

Yesterday was a bit of a funny one. A series of Saturdayish mishaps. First I set up my serious writing space. This is the writing space I reserve for writing stints of four hours or longer. I actually don’t use it much at all. I’m usually at the kitchen table. Serious writing space has an […]

A while back I noticed something. A lot of our art somehow involves animals (also a lot of typos, but let’s not confuse the issue). It was never deliberate. I never once thought oh, it might be cool to start an animal art collection. It turns out I have been turning into the crazy cat […]

Sometimes Simon asks me to write something for his blog. Last night I did. The subject was bittersweet songs and what they dredged up from the dreaded memory files. Tonight was going to be the night I wrote my long-awaited (ha ha, not really) Animals in our Art Collection post. But now I’m buying time […]

I post this photo to illustrate that we were all cute – once. How cute am I? Pretty, pretty cute. (If I do say so myself. And I do.) Sometimes I find it helps to make a list in my head of things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly). Just whatever comes to hand. Here is […]

summer reading


I had such high hopes for myself, reading-wise, this summer. Here is my updated stack of books. Sometimes I think I just like to look at them. I read a few pages from each here and there. Sometimes I get to the end of a book. Sometimes I think I just get overwhelmed because there […]

I stumbled across this brick in Havelock North a week or so ago. It was sitting atop a brochure stand (saying free please take one) outside a shop. I was on my way to get a spray tan in order to wear a dress with an inordinately plunging neckline, hoping with and against hope (which is […]