the entry point, 2010


This post doesn’t have an entry point. It’s harder without an entry point. There’s no context and it’s difficult to get going. Or work out where you’re going once you start.

So I thought I would just proceed a bit aimlessly and do a what I did in my holiday sort of round-up. I am still on holiday. Two weddings to go, and a new word count to aim for.

Here’s a photo of the two Singstar babies. My 2010 venture is going to be packaging up Singstar for infants. I think there’s a real market for it.

So cute.

There’s been a bit of a Singstar flavour to these holidays, starting with this atrocity right here.

You’ve already heard about my best Christmas present, the spoonboard.

Then we played with these cute little Singstar babies for a bit. Lots of ladder climbing and splashing around. And Singstar baby on the left even decided to get up and walk on his own for the first time, which has to be worth a mention.

Then I have kicked some serious butt writing Frankie, the novel that just won’t seem to write itself and has been rattling in my head with no action for a number of years now. Not often I get to have 5000 word days. Right now I am feeling pretty smug.

Oh look, it’s dinner time. And then more writing. Here’s Singstar baby in the car. For no other reason than because he’s cute!


4 Responses to “the entry point, 2010”

  1. 1 Becky

    This is just adorable and thank you for posting this. xx

  2. 3 Bryn MacD

    My duet with Dennis on NYE will stay with me as treasured memory for life.

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