things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly)


I post this photo to illustrate that we were all cute – once. How cute am I? Pretty, pretty cute. (If I do say so myself. And I do.)

Sometimes I find it helps to make a list in my head of things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly). Just whatever comes to hand.

Here is today’s list.


blue hydrangeas



muted colours

people doing stuff for me

me doing stuff for people I like


making lists on Monday mornings

jugs (ceramic – not mammaries)

coming home (wherever home may be)

making stuff

exotic lotions

putting pretty stuff on the walls

Dog Point sav

loyalty programmes

talking shit late at night

not getting up before 9.27am

forgiveness and trust

thinking about cigarettes sometimes, when I am drunk (but not smoking them – I hate that)

getting off planes & feeling like you’ve stepped into a sauna

babies’ skin

basil that doesn’t die on me

finding lost stuff that means something


And that’s just for starters.


7 Responses to “things I like (and endorse wholeheartedly)”

  1. 1 Bryn MacD

    That’s funny cause on Monday morings I’m more inclined to make lists of things I don’t like. Things I like would include free stuff, waves, fridays, rock n roll, nectarines, big screen TVs, friends and proper italian pizza.

    • 2 katy77

      That is a jolly good list. It makes me want to think of some other stuff I like. Like the smell of honeysuckle, and popcorn chicken. Although I’m not allowed that any more.

      • 3 katy77

        Why aren’t you alloed popcorn chicken anymore?

  2. 4 Bryn MacD

    Aren’t you were allowed pop corn chicken when you’re outside the Wellington region?

  3. 5 katy77

    I figured I had to have one resolution to take with me into 2010 and popcorn chicken was the sacrificial lamb. Or should that be sacrificial chicken?

  4. Nice list. and cute photo, you can say so yourself.

    My list would definitely include blue hydrangeas, pinecones, making pastry by hand, clean sheets, ironing handkerchiefs, watermelon, finding new old clothes, lavender, blasting music super loud, long baths and cats

    • 7 katy77

      That is a nice list, Lisa, makes me want to start a whole new list of things I like. Maybe the things I like list will become a fixture!

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