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It seems like part of the plight of the weekday worker is a constant pining for the weekend ahead. A perpetual state of yearning for a shimmery trackpanted hiatus, twinkling ahead in the notsodistant future like an oasis in an airconditioned and watercoolered desert. Quite often during the week I like to make lists of things […]

I stopped actually writing in a journal about 12 years ago, more or less. Rummaging through them now is kind of weird. They even smell ancient, even though nothing feels like very long ago. Here are some of the final excerpts, leading up to the day my diary died. I talk a lot of nonsense […]

This is a picture I took on my phone this evening in Martinborough. It’s a little wooden church with the lights on inside, at the very end of sunset. I just went through my camera photos and discovered a lot of wobbly photos I have taken recently on night excursions. Some of which I will […]

It’s Friday night and I shirked all end-of-week merriment and am at home alone listening to The Velvet Underground. Long story and I don’t want too much preamble, but tonight I went through all my old journals. Early next week I will write more about that in particular, but the best thing that came out […]

Not last night but the night before (Monday, I think?) I agreed to answer some questions on handwriting. (And speaking of agreeing to things, although quite unrelated, next Tuesday night I have agreed to go and talk to a bunch of Girl Guides about marketing.) The questions were for my brother, James, for an article he […]

I am not wise


I’m not. Sometimes I think I am, and then something happens and I realise that I most categorically, definitively, am not. Sometimes I think I have got it all going on. I surprise myself with supreme grown-upness, just sometimes. And sometimes for months on end I am a picture of profundity and calm. When actually, […]

I had a very inwardly grouchy day today. Begrudgingly productive and inexplicably irked. I kept it well contained. I’m not sure why the day panned out the way it did. Maybe because I forsook all writing last night for Mad Men and House, and then got out of the wrong side of bed all grizzly […]