I have been a very bad blogger. I should have put up my gone fishing sign but I kind of never got around to it. So today I am going to do two posts. I think I am, anyway.

It’s Sunday and I have been in town avoidance mode. I think the Sevens has been and gone now, so it might be safe to venture out. It was a bit surreal seeing Batman and Snow White hanging out together at a pedestrian crossing on The Terrace on my walk home from work on Friday, and I must say we did do a late-night lap of the nite spots from the safe haven of our car for a bit of a pre-bed wildlife excursion. It’s all quite odd, if you ask me. But, then, I’m not really one for dress ups or travelling in packs to begin with.

But anyway, onto Frankie. Last time I checked in here, late last month, I was dreading the edit.

I was picturing having to scrap a whole heap of the early stuff. I had visions of me throwing my hands in the air/packing a colossal sad/resorting to the bottle/wailing next to a bonfire fuelled by 176 pages of single-sided, angsted-over rubbish.

I am happy to report that it’s not actually that bad – so far, at least. It’s not anywhere near that bad, actually, and I’m feeling quite chipper about it. Chipper, but not smug. There’s some chopping needed, and some additions (plus I need to finish the damn thing), but the way forward is clear. And, on a couple of occasions I have even forgotten that I’m supposed to be editing. From time to time I’ve actually relaxed and found the story pulling me along.

I even have my own Frankie writing soundtrack. I’m not gloating, really I’m not. You could say I’m just pleasantly surprised, for the time being. Anything could change at any moment. But the baby steps don’t seem quite so babyish any more. And it’s fun. It’s really fun.


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  1. 1 Simon Sweetman

    great news!

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