things I don’t like or endorse wholeheartedly


I had a very inwardly grouchy day today. Begrudgingly productive and inexplicably irked. I kept it well contained.

I’m not sure why the day panned out the way it did. Maybe because I forsook all writing last night for Mad Men and House, and then got out of the wrong side of bed all grizzly and icky.

Oh well, Yo La Tengo tonight.

A while ago I wrote a list of things I like and endorse wholeheartedly. I’ve been meaning to write the things I don’t like list for a while, and today seems like the very best day to do it.



Hidden catches, mean tricks or false advertising

Grit in the bed

Courtenay Place after about 10pm in the weekend

Subway (smells too much like bread)

Blues music

Gigs that start after 11 o’clock on school nights

Getting up before 8am



Growing basil (or should I say killing basil)

Blue biro

Southern Comfort

Tyre chalking

Cyber inanity

The Bee Gees

Spin class

Cabin fever

Being caught without a pen





9 Responses to “things I don’t like or endorse wholeheartedly”

  1. 1 Bryn MacD

    I’m a little shocked that The Bee Gees are on the list but this is your blog and your list so I guess I can’t protest to much however, I struggle to understand how the beautiful sweet harmonising voices of the brothers Gibb, set inside soulful and expertly crafted disco and pops songs (which arguably defined their generation more than any other artists), would find discord with someone with your musical appreciation.

  2. 2 T-Rex

    “Courtenay Place after about 10pm in the weekend” so very very true! Courtenay Place should be avoided at all costs once it reaches that hour!
    And Chardonnay is horrible. I wish it wasn’t served so readily at dinner parties.

  3. 3 katy77

    Ew! The Bee Gees are revolting. That reminds me I left Cameo Cremes off my list of things I don’t like…

  4. 4 Bryn MacD

    Well you’re obviously talking about a different Bee Gees to me because no sane person would describe Robin, Barry and Maurice as revolting. Presumably you’re talking about some sort buscuit or confectionary that I’m not aware of and I apologise for the confusion.

  5. I HATE spin class – it makes me feel depressed. The more I bike the sadder I get.

  6. 6 Simon Sweetman

    I hate wives that don’t iron or wash or do dishes

  7. 7 katy77

    Simon, are you saying that you hate me? I would use that word advisedly and with caution on me, if I were you.

  8. 8 katy77

    Oh and I just want to clarify by ‘wash’ that you aren’t implying that I don’t shower. Because I do. Almost once a day and sometimes more than.

  9. 9 katy77

    I just thought of one more thing I really don’t like. Turbulence.

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