girl cat, so thin on love and barley


It’s Friday night and I shirked all end-of-week merriment and am at home alone listening to The Velvet Underground.

Long story and I don’t want too much preamble, but tonight I went through all my old journals. Early next week I will write more about that in particular, but the best thing that came out of tonight was that I found my original copy of Girl Cat.

Girl Cat is a collaboration between me and my friend Caroline (Caroline did most of the drawings and sent them down to me). We did it way back in 1998. It’s so old now that you can see where the adhesive from the sellotape has stained the paper. Tonight I digitised it all – something I have been meaning to do for ages – so that I have a record of it, I suppose.

The whole thing is based on my all-time favourite haiku:

girl cat

so thin

on love

and barley

That haiku captured my attention forever. I didn’t even own any cats then. So I made the book (i.e. glued together and folded) in the haiku’s honour; it must have been towards the end of university. Then I made lots of photocopies of it and handed it out around the university campus. I think mostly people just thought I was very odd. That was (and is) okay with me, though.

And here it is, online, finally.


2 Responses to “girl cat, so thin on love and barley”

  1. 1 Jenny

    that is really beautiful Katy. I like that a lot

  2. 2 Josiah

    I love how you got this all from a single haiku. And to top that, you expressed it with a contemporary approach. Since the message of the haiku is universal and time-transcending (sorry for the word), i think your art only brings a fresh understanding of the piece. Love cats btw.

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