things I like and endorse wholeheartedly in the weekend


It seems like part of the plight of the weekday worker is a constant pining for the weekend ahead. A perpetual state of yearning for a shimmery trackpanted hiatus, twinkling ahead in the notsodistant future like an oasis in an airconditioned and watercoolered desert.

Quite often during the week I like to make lists of things I like to do in the weeked. Plans and stuff. Here’s what I consider to be my Best Of.

Sleeping in

Buying non-essential items at Moore Wilson’s

Catching up with friends, big and little (some to drink and talk nonsense with and some to play with and eat all their cheerios)

Going through the carwash (specifically the brushless one at the Caltex on Adelaide Road)


Making things and taking photos of lights

Spending unpressured hours at Unity or Quilters Bookshop and then going to sit down somewhere with coffee and lazily/casually thumb through books that will somehow find a disordered home in our somewhat claustrophobic shelving system

Having an occasion to dress up

Having an occasion to cook for people

Having time to not do anything at all

Eating I Love Pies pies

Talking shit in cars on aimless drives

Staying put

Between 90 to 120 minutes (but no more than that or it turns into a thing I do not like) of work admin (makes the coming week seem so much cleaner)

A harmonious balance of productivity and inactivity

Discovering forgotten gems recorded on MySky – especially obtuse documentaries about stuff like rare fetishes and renegade geriatrics

Serial Killer Sunday on C&I

Breakfast and the paper in bed (i.e. when I am in bed and do nothing whatsoever except sit up, eat and read)

Sitting in a patch of sun in the garden with the cats

Suprising myself by going to bed early or surprising myself by spending less than I expected to (both uncommon)

Making pancakes

Talking to Jillyfran on the phone


2 Responses to “things I like and endorse wholeheartedly in the weekend”

  1. 1 Jillyfran

    Very touched to make the cut xx

  2. 2 ahmad alrobae

    i love that thanks

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