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Sometimes leaving things unfinished is a good thing. It’s like not checking your lotto ticket. I’ve just decided, just in the last 24 hours, that one of the best things about realising you’ll probably never monetise (sorry, I hate that word… occupational hazard… and I don’t even know if it’s a real word) the thing you […]

I sound a bit emo when I say that. I don’t really have a head full of quandary – no more than usual, anyway – we were just listening to Hissing of Summer Lawns, which started this. And having lamb shanks. Which is now the new Monday night thing. Sitting down to unhurried food, completely […]

I started calling this post Staring down the barrel of a new week and then I took a good hard disparaging look at myself and asked myself if that was the best way to think about all the infinite and beautiful possibilities awaiting me on Monday morning, and all the glorious times ahead ….. And […]

Just in from Old Crow Medicine Show. I was thinking about writing about being financially high maintenance a while ago, and during the concert I couldn’t find my lip balm. Then my thoughts proceeded like so… 1. This is ridiculous. I have more lip salves and sticks and balms and glosses and plumping agents than […]

I wasn’t going to turn on my computer tonight. But I did. And here I am. I have just started work on two new screens – one of which is my parents’ long overdue Christmas present. I’m at the collation and printing stage, pulling together all kinds of stuff, scanning it, cropping it, digitising old […]

This weekend I had a playdate with my Dad, Tones. He came to Wellington for 24 hours and we had a pretty intense schedule to stick to. We picked him up from the airport at 9.30 on Saturday morning, went to Nikau for breakfast, then to Diary of a Times Square Thief at the City Gallery […]

This story could start in a lot of places. I’m a little bit stage-frightened now that I am sitting down to write this, to tell the truth. My grandmother wrote Mr Dompling’s Secret. It was published when I was three and was dedicated to me, as the first of her 14 grandchildren. Also there is […]