a week in review


I started calling this post Staring down the barrel of a new week and then I took a good hard disparaging look at myself and asked myself if that was the best way to think about all the infinite and beautiful possibilities awaiting me on Monday morning, and all the glorious times ahead ….. And no, of course it isn’t.

I thought about a lot of things over the past week and made a note to mention them here. But I didn’t, and now I can’t remember what they were. I will try, though.

So, a (slightly cock-eyed, fractionally haphazard) week in review.

I was going to write about my beautiful recurring dream. It’s the dream where I am completely weightless, and usually there is water nearby. One time I was moving above the water, quite fast, but not touching the water in any way, and there was a school of dolphins swimming underneath me. Last week I was driving over a bridge that wasn’t even there. It was at the sea’s edge. I was driving and I was also videoing the water to my left at the same time. In the dream I was thinking shit I’m not watching the road, I could crash. I encountered a mild sense of dream-panic. But it didn’t matter. Those kinds of things don’t matter in dreams.

In the dream I was going to collect cats’ eyes. That’s another thing I was going to write about. My love of cats’ eyes. It’s true – I love them so very much. I dream about them all the time, too.

I was going to write about the stoned window cleaner on my way to work on Monday morning. He was sitting in his van, kitting up for the job, getting high. Either that or he was smoking his misshapen cigarette in a very odd fashion indeed. And I thought to myself, ye gods, give me a desk job, terra firma and a clear head any day of the week…

I was going to write about Frankie, but I didn’t have time to even write her, let alone write about writing her. And besides, it’s a long story.

I was going to write about real estate and then I got caught up looking at it and getting ahead of myself.

I have been making screens this week. This one is a very belated Christmas present for my parents. I guess it’s a bit of a spoiler, me putting up pictures here, before they’ve even seen it. Or maybe it’s more of a teaser.

One screen down, one more to go by Thursday. I’ve calculated that each screen takes 23 hours to make, all up. This one may look finished (actually, it doesn’t look finished at all, not if you look up close) but 87% of it hasn’t even been glued down yet.

I love making screens. I especially love making customised screens, like this one. The gluing part is hideous, though.

I was going to write about how much I have been loving Morrissey lately. I go through patches with him. I denounce him and then I find him all over again and fall as hard and as stupidly as I ever did.

Right now I am listening to Late Night, Maudlin Street. Perfect soundtrack for a Sunday night (some context: a Sunday night where I haven’t achieved any of the work work I was supposed to do over the weekend, and now I am staring down the barrel of a new week…).

Inspector don’t you know, don’t you care, don’t you know about love?

I took the key from Maudlin Street, but it’s only bricks and mortar. Oh, truly I love you. Wherever you are. [Wherever you are.] Wherever you are, I hope you’re singing now.


One Response to “a week in review”

  1. 1 Jillyfran

    The screen looks amazing…can’t wait to see it. Bring on easter!! xx

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