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Sometimes there are things you think about saying, but it’s best for all concerned that you don’t. On Monday morning I got up and looked out my window. I was in a state of undress, but that’s beside the point. I could see the rain breaking – a circumscribed, lit-up ladder of it – from far […]

I saw this today on Buckle Street, driving by, and drove back tonight to get a photo of it. It has been made with ripped up bandages and rags. I’d like to know who made it, and what possessed them. I like it when messages from the street come out of nowhere and stay with […]

the gum tree


Life in boxes. I feel like I’m almost on the brink of liberation (if the definition of brink is something actually quite wide and cushioned, something only giving the illusion of imminence and drastic, instantly unrecognisable life-alteration). Today we started moving into our storage space. It’s quite dinky. And while the unit is already about a […]

Fridayness. And soon for the boxes.

Last night I said I would call this post I buy things off the internet in the dead of night etc, and so I did. This is our official Damien Hirst internet purchase. It’s a photo of a bunch of unravelled TDK SA 60 cassette tape. A friend came over for dinner the other night […]

Imagine this photo is all one perspex panel. It is, but I couldn’t get it into the one frame because it’s jammed in the stairwell. (Directly under our Damien Hirst, but that’s tomorrow’s post, entitled I buy things off the internet in the dead of night & don’t know what the hell they are). So, […]

the way it is