I buy things off the internet in the dead of night (& don’t know what the hell they are)


Last night I said I would call this post I buy things off the internet in the dead of night etc, and so I did.

This is our official Damien Hirst internet purchase. It’s a photo of a bunch of unravelled TDK SA 60 cassette tape.

A friend came over for dinner the other night and said:

“Is that a real Damien Hirst?”

To which I said:

“Yes. Why yes it is.”

Never did I think I’d say that. Seemed like quite a strange exchange. I liked it, though. Considering I can’t really afford a million trillion + Euro bejewelled skull or a shark in a giant vat of formaldehyde. I think that’s probably part of the reason I purchased this online (in the dead of night, as the title so cleverly points out). And also because we collect this kind of abstractly music-related paraphernalia for the music room we don’t yet have. But I can see it already, this room, and I know exactly how it is going to look. (Kind of like I pre-order food in my head ages in advance of going to an old favourite restaurant where I’ve memorised the menu.)

The photo is called (and I quote):

“The scariest form of eroticism of a human memory chasing its own dismay.”

The thing that troubles me is that I don’t know what it means. I have tried hard to coax the meaning from it, but nothing. Just a big jumbled clump of tumbleweediness.

Do you know what the meaning is? I’d like to know. Really I would.

The words sound nice all put together, and the tangle of tape is suitably dark and shiny. Maybe that’s all there is to it. Maybe that’s all there is. Or else I’m missing something. Am I? Missing something?


3 Responses to “I buy things off the internet in the dead of night (& don’t know what the hell they are)”

  1. 1 SaidFriend

    Um, well… to me it looks a little. Um. Pubic hair-ish. And, um. Some people say that, um… pubic hair is a bit, um. Erotic.

    But then I see pubic hair in lots of your art, such as the Hotere. So I’d appreciate a second opinion.

  2. Ha! Classic.

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