street signs (it will all be okay)


I saw this today on Buckle Street, driving by, and drove back tonight to get a photo of it. It has been made with ripped up bandages and rags. I’d like to know who made it, and what possessed them.

I like it when messages from the street come out of nowhere and stay with me. Or when something stands out (like the giant carwash-advertising bear standing by the Basin, waving at passing cars). It’s like the freeway information sign that speaks to Steve Martin’s character in LA Story.

It will all be okay.

It is Sunday night. No, actually it’s one minute into Monday morning. I woulda posted this earlier but Henry Rollins talked all night.

It’s like that saying I got given to me on a card one time. It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

It took me a while to work out what that meant, but I kept the card pinned to the fridge until I figured I had a handle on it. Something about having faith in what lies ahead, a belief in some kind of order and balance in the world, and some other stuff.

And here’s one of the super-cyberly-ubiquitous Keep Calm posters.

It’s framed and hung to the left of the front door, so that I see it when I leave the house every morning. On the mornings when I remember to look.

[Remembering to look is a whole other thing, which I will talk about maybe later this week. I started thinking about it on Friday after work when I got off the bus, looking up at my street as I waited to cross the road. I craned my neck more vigorously than usual, or something, and took in all of the shaggy greenbelt looming above my street. And I thought to myself ‘holy shit – that’s right – there’s a greenbelt right there. When in theory I should notice or in some way register it every day. But anyway.]

It’s good to remember to keep calm and carry on. And that it will all be okay, in the end, wherever and whatever the end may be. 



3 Responses to “street signs (it will all be okay)”

  1. I love these positive little missives. There is one on a wall in Wellington somewhere that says “Why aren’t you dancing?” which always made me smile (and do a mental pirouette) as I walked to work.

  2. 3 Nobody

    This is awesome! I left Wellington in March and I remember this sign. It’s one of the things I miss from Wellington, was great to find your blog with all sorts of interesting crap on it. I love it!!

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