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the three gunas


My evenings have been hijacked by houses. Via many channels simultaneously. Tonight it has been the net and Living Channel programmes we My Sky and then watch back to back in fits of insatiable reno-mania. Thinking back to my blog on Trash and Treasure, I need to limit my Trade Me activity. I am a […]

This is my new Indian printing block. It was supposed to be a reward I worked towards, for achieving something very specific, but it didn’t really work out like that. What I mean by that is I didn’t achieve this particular thing — in fact I achieved the exact opposite — but I got the printing block […]

This is maybe the cutest paper doll I’ve ever seen.* It makes me want to dress up a dog. Any dog at all, but preferably a cute one. And preferably in pink, the cutest of all colours. Perhaps the best thing that happened to me today was Techno Dog. Sometimes it’s the small things. xxx                                         * courtesy of […]

I have left this much too late. 9 minutes until midnight, electric blanket, a heavyhanded nightcap (not mixed by my heavy hand, mind you), lamplight, a book about to burst into glorious denouement. Tonight we went to see Rosy Tin Teacaddy at Bats. They’re there tomorrow and the next day and the next day. You should go. I […]

Today it felt like winter. I haven’t felt much like writing. I think about Frankie every morning. I think about what to wear and whether to bother with makeup. I think about not much. I get downstairs, unmade up but presentable enough. Sylvie is usually sleeping on the newspaper on the kitchen table, curled up […]

I thought about this poem a lot today. I’ll explain – in a circuitous kind of way – in a minute (first let me finish my lazy copy ‘n paste and compose myself). * Soliloquy of the Solipsist Sylvia Plath I? I walk alone; The midnight street Spins itself from under my feet; When my eyes […]

I went to bed last night with that in my head. Wine gums for crack addicts. A troubling smattering of words, wrenched out of context. I thought I would shake the words free in my sleep. But I woke up with them and they mooched around at the back of my head all day, persistent […]