something tells me you would’ve taken off without me


Another thing I found the other day in the papery region of our house: some of the comic cards I used to make. Hopefully you can read the captions from here.

If not:

All right, all right. I love you kid.

Television… That and a booster shot of HOPE. Everything’s going to be fine.

Something tells me you would’ve taken off without me.

That was graceful… honey? Are you all right?

I felt your pain through our psychic rapport and —

I have kept these quite a long time. They’re a combination of card, cut-up comics, Duraseal and Scandinavian textile design, transported in cardboard boxes all the way from Stockholm and kept all this time.

I’m listening to the new National album, just back from Regina Spektor. My hair is so straight and sleek and unboofy I’m struggling to recognise it as my own (picture Marge Simpson morphing into Jessica Simpson and trying to logically explain to herself the physical transformation, not to mention account for the sudden lack of follicular volume…). 

I mentioned the kumara thing last time. Here’s what I meant:

I had today off. I don’t want to go to bed, because as soon as I do, my day off is no longer. Like I imagined the whole thing. I didn’t, though. I really didn’t. As pointless as it all might have been (magazines and Maltesers in bed), I wouldn’t change a thing.


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  1. Never never never

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