total control (or Banrock Station & 50-bags)


42 minutes of the weekend remaining. I have been having what I like to call a winter holiday at home. This involves behaving like you don’t live where you live, wandering vaguely through usually familiar places, spending more, ordering cocktails in bars where you’d usually go for your usual and then proceeding to do the crossword, nonchalantly, like you’re from out of town, surrounded by shopping bags. It involves a sort of wilful amnesia. And sleep. And dumb movies. And face masks.

We have been having quite a grand old time. I’m starting to feel wanton and kind of weightless. Limber as an astronaut, even. I can feel my sense of humour coming back to me. I am radiant with calm. Tomorrow is Monday, though.

I was going to call this post Banrock Station and 50-bags (well, as it turned out, I sort of did). As an in-joke between me and a small handful of others possibly reading this. What I was going to say — and will say, what the heck — with reference to the John Pule piece above, is that once upon a time I nearly bought a work from this particular series. I remembered that this weekend when we went to see his show at City Gallery. And I tried to remember why I didn’t buy it. And what else I might have spent my money on (and I seemed to have more of it — money, I mean — back then than I do now, which is very strange…).  And all I could think of was Banrock Station and 50-bags. Probably not completely inaccurate. Although this is dated 2001, which is slightly later than my Banrock-Station-and-50-bag heyday (or some would say low point), so it’s a little anachronistic. But let’s not spoil a good story.

Anyway. Corker of a weekend. Corker. Although I’m now 56 minutes into the new week.

I was just listening to this and thinking what an ace song it is.

(Actually it might be better to listen without the video. I kept getting concerned she was going to burn her fingers off.)

And one day I am going to get this poster below. If it even still exists. Thank god for eBay. I’m going to check it out right now.


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  1. this is cool

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