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hello me


Just discovered I ♥ wool stockings heaps. I also ♥ Thursdays. And I ♥ the closest I can get to reckless abandon (not very close actually). I ♥ pretending goodbye isn’t goodbye. I ♥ grandiose ideas. I ♥ rocking chairs. I ♥ shadowy rooms where you can’t quite make everything out. I ♥ quiet. I ♥ […]

  A good risotto experiment. Monday down. Ocular condensation. Red tape. Word counts. Cold in the bones. An impending farewell. Wet towels. Dead birds gone missing. Mood lighting. Burrowing. Organisation. Disorganisation. Here and now. Now and here. Yes and no and mostly yes.  Moulting protea/parched leucadendron. Open door policies. Sweaty windows. Chipped nails. Internet. Prayers. Bed. […]

Ironing listening to Lawrence Arabia on a Sunday night. I haven’t been in the most people-friendly mood this weekend. It happens sometimes. I have been decidedly off colour. I’m hoping it’s just the clutches of winter getting the better of me. I will write a things to do list that will navigate me out of this […]

I think we might have distilled a little bit of dipso-genius right here at the kitchen table this evening. Hit the communal ideas jackpot. Put our heads together to good effect, stormy-brained, flourishing our metaphorical whiteboard markers. Riffing on the tenuous until it’s tenable. Or at least tuneful, even if still a bit ridiculous. I’ve been […]

nice jugs


I couldn’t help it. I was at a loose end (aka procrastinating) and I got the urge to photograph my jugs. Actually, all the other photos I took just now came out a bit spack, but the jugs were nice, so I went with the jugs. I’m not even supposed to be here. I’m supposed […]

I remember this wallpaper vividly. But anyway, I’ll get to that. Right now I have extremely warm feet and the best writing set-up ever. I think I have come to this writing set-up too late in life, but I didn’t think about it until tonight. My grandmother’s fold-down table with the leaves folded up, pulled […]

girls who bury


Leaving the house is good. Amazing what it can do for your mental state. I thought about heaps of things to write about here over the weekend. Now I don’t feel particularly compelled. It might have something to do with my current state of uncomfortable meat inebriation. I’m waiting for the peppermint tea to kick […]