leaving off, picking up


I remember this wallpaper vividly. But anyway, I’ll get to that. Right now I have extremely warm feet and the best writing set-up ever. I think I have come to this writing set-up too late in life, but I didn’t think about it until tonight. My grandmother’s fold-down table with the leaves folded up, pulled up to the sofa with more cushions than a human being can humanly need. So I can be sort of sprawling and Cleopatra-ish and perhaps even a bit productive as well, should productivity deign to call on me. We’ll see. But right now I must feed these hungry brutes. BRB.

Okay, back now.

Dad used to have this photo on his desk at work. Orua Bay bathtime. I used to get a bit embarrassed by it, mostly because of my semi-dressed state, the shared bath situation (cute when you’re not quite school-aged, maybe not so cute when you’re old enough to prefer a shower all on your own), and because Dad worked in a boys’ secondary school. Whenever a boy said to me I’ve seen you in the bath (which happened, once or twice) I would be quietly mortified, my mortification clearly signposted by a deep and sudden shade of mortification-red.

Last night in a feeble state I promised more substance here today than I could muster last night. Now I’m sort of kicking myself. It might have paid to underpromise. Or to promise nothing at all, even better, and play iPhone Bejeweled all night long, scot free.

So let me dither a little bit longer (and remember what I got myself in for in yesterday’s blog). I just had an idea. I might form a commune. But a commune with rules (my rules), very high barriers to entry, long and lively dinners with the finest of wines, hardly any shared facilities, no underlying communist ethos and no alarm clocks. It would be highly selective, carefully populated, clean, nicely decorated and infused with a very expensive, rustic kind of minimalism which to only the most untrained eye might be passed off as roughing it. Come to think of it, maybe what I have in mind isn’t a commune at all. Actually it sounds more like going to stay with family in Hawkes Bay. Apart from the selective bit.

The reason I thought I might form a commune though is that we’re all (3 of us) sitting here at our makeshift desks, listening to records, writing. Not talking. It feels quite serious, like sitting in a classroom (but only if the classroom had wine and fluffy slippers and David Bowie in it).

But back to yesterday.

I said I might talk about tonight’s Wellness Clinic. 5.30 on a Monday, my own personal wellness is not exactly my chief concern. Not even the promise of scroggin party bags (I’m not kidding) was enough to entice me. It turned out, though, that I turned up late, and never got my own personal brown paper bag full of birdseed. Good thing I never wanted it in the first place. (Came home and had Doritos instead, ha ha.)

I learnt quite a lot tonight though. I also came away with action points. One of which is to not sleep on my stomach. But I love sleeping on my stomach! That’s going to be a real sacrifice.

If I were to summarise a key message, Cliff Notes style, I would say: we get sick because our minds are too agitated and our bodies are too still. So if we could work out a way to re-engergise our bodies and still our minds we might be getting somewhere.

I’m not going to talk about self-sabotage or the internet as a stomping ground for the demented and deranged like I said I was going to. Not tonight.

I will end on the subject of platonic embraces. I am a big fan. Others apparently not so much, guys in particular (and correct me if I appear to be generalising without foundation… I did do a very limited vox pop in order to reach this conclusion). I wouldn’t platonically embrace just anyone. I’m not advocating free hugs, either. And I also don’t much like hugging people who don’t like hugging. And I also wouldn’t suggest too much hugging in communes, for obvious reasons.



2 Responses to “leaving off, picking up”

  1. What’s so evil about sleeping on your stomach?

  2. 2 katy77

    It screws your back over time. Will tell you all about it in gory detail at lunch today!

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