the mirror beast


I think we might have distilled a little bit of dipso-genius right here at the kitchen table this evening. Hit the communal ideas jackpot. Put our heads together to good effect, stormy-brained, flourishing our metaphorical whiteboard markers. Riffing on the tenuous until it’s tenable. Or at least tuneful, even if still a bit ridiculous.

I’ve been saying to JR/Mr America for some time now that he had to give me a list of 10 mixed-up story elements. Being the shaggy slacker that he is — no dice. But tonight in a postprandial stupor, unable to move from the dinner table, I cornered him (given he has 20 days remaining in the country) and — to use a charming expression — picked his brain. I took notes and we expounded on some mental (in all senses of the word) flights of fancy (see figure 1., above).

Perhaps the most resonant idea to come out of this evening’s drawing room games was THE MIRROR BEAST, story idea # 10. It’s almost too good to be used on a trifling exposition. I feel like I might need to write War and Peace just to justify the title. Quite excellent.

So now I have lots of story ideas. Some I won’t go anywhere near. Some I might. Patent or discard. But they’re *just* ideas. Which is everything and nothing, really.


.1. a horse and an alien flatting together

.2. a lonely man in conversation with dead Sinantra-impersonating daddy 

.3. a low-key apocalypse

.4. snapshots into personal lives on election day

.5. the come-uppance of a slut spammer

.6. the non-musical version of CATS, gritty reality style/a documentary of the neighbourhood animal kingdom

.7. a born-again rollerderbyer hooked on Mills & Boon

.8. the psychological demise of a persecuted columnist and his resulting rise to fame [a melodrama]

.9. a small business owner’s burgeoning hatred for her sole employee, very many years her junior

.10. THE MIRROR BEAST (say no more)

This is all a damn sight better than the internet story ideas generators I occasionally gravitate to out of curiosity (read: desperation). Such as this one.

Producing gems such as (and I am randomly generating these on the fly, by the way):

*The theme of this story: light-hearted comedy. The main characters: stupid champion and complacent reporter. The start of the story: apocalyptic event. The end of the story: premonition.

* The theme of this story: epic tragety [sic]. The main character: intuitive hermit. The major event of the story: joke. 

* The theme of this story: serious tragety. The main characters: stupid servant and unhappy librarian. The major event of the story: temptation

Tragety. That’s even more excellent than the real thing.

And one more before bedtime…

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  1. 1 Eamon

    I’d just frame the pages from your note pad and be done… ;o)

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