frozen horses, crusty bears


Ironing listening to Lawrence Arabia on a Sunday night. I haven’t been in the most people-friendly mood this weekend. It happens sometimes. I have been decidedly off colour. I’m hoping it’s just the clutches of winter getting the better of me. I will write a things to do list that will navigate me out of this mess. There’s [almost] nothing a things to do list can’t fix. Only because it deals to an idle/divergent/inward-looking mind.

I ironed a lot of shirts, watched a lot of Film Festival movies, slept a lot, studied, read The 10pm Question. I went into work for a bit, only to try and feel ever so slightly on top of things. We looked at houses and just might be inching a little bit closer to a desirable outcome. I never thought I was a particularly fussy human being. Turns out that I am.

It’s funny having young house guests though, when they come home drunk and amuse you at 2.30 in the morning and then appear at 10.30 in the morning completely ashen and contrite.

We just saw HOWL this afternoon.

If two thirds of our poetry books weren’t in storage I’d pull it out and read it. But thank heavens for the internet.

Who needs a real live library when you have this.


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