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Tonight (Matthew) I was going to talk about escapism, but now I’m not. Now I’ve got blog stagefright. Or maybe I just have nothing to say. Earlier this evening it felt like I had a lot to talk about. Stuff about whether I am barking up the wrong tree or chasing my tail to no avail, […]

Part one (the bit about graceful degradation) I ♥ working in IT. It’s all magic. All of it. Working in IT is a bit like working for a travelling circus. Although I’m just the one putting up the posters, spinning the candyfloss and talking up the freaks, not the one actually doing any of the wowing. […]

quiz nite


Today I did something a bit different in amongst everything else. I sent myself an email. All it said was: the universe is very quiet today. I think I was trying out a new kind of electronic note-taking. And now I can delete the email because I have replicated its entire contents here and here […]

Don’t worry, I didn’t write on the bathroom wall myself. I did take the photos though. I figured it was better than the girl who took her drink into the stall with her. That made me feel a bit ill. I’ve never got why people do that. Maybe it’s something to do with a fear […]

Okay, so just quickly. I’m not even sure what I’m doing here. 1.44am. I guess I just felt like checking in. Reading out loud is super awesome. Being read to, out loud, is even better. Listening is good. And hard. I am really shit at it. Or I’m okay at it when it doesn’t really […]

This evening has not been a good evening. It has been a decidedly bad evening. So I made this. To get away from the belly-upness of everything just for a bit. I must not make this my Place of Ranting. No, this is a place of calm and reflection, home to only the mildest of gripes and sulks. […]

Sleep FTW.  Three-day weekend FTW. I woke up at 9pm tonight and made this out of old stuff and a bit of Photoshoppery. It felt awesome. I drank wine and put music on. That felt awesome too. It felt a bit like the good old me back again. A few notes for my own personal […]