disarmed (& not at all dangerous)


This is my light relief, right here. A tiny little window of opportunity.  And now I don’t know what to do with it.

I went out tonight with no baggage whatsoever. Which was disarming, in a way. Or in more ways than one.  Just some lip gloss, and keys under the mat.

I had so much to say. I’m sure I did. About life’s little kinks and quirks, as observed/borne out in the last seven days. But it’s mostly gone now.

Like conversations with an adman (who said to me find the unifying idea, or else you’re just a typist. But fuck it… maybe I am just a slightly overpaid typist, after all.)


Like the wondering what next.

And like the giant pink SOLD sticker outside our house, with nowhere yet to go.

And the what next. In all senses.

We just saw Broken Social Scene and attended a party in the dark. I felt a bit old (at Broken Social Scene, I mean – it’s hard to feel old at a party when no one can see you).

Today I took lots of notes and had an uncommonly quiet house. Tomorrow I will do much the same.

It rained.

It will probably rain tomorrow.

It was good to get out of the house for a bit. 

This is going nowhere. Seems like a good place to stop.


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