this is not to scale


Sleep FTW.  Three-day weekend FTW. I woke up at 9pm tonight and made this out of old stuff and a bit of Photoshoppery. It felt awesome. I drank wine and put music on. That felt awesome too. It felt a bit like the good old me back again.

A few notes for my own personal operating manual, as witnessed in the last couple of weeks. (Not that I will learn from or pay any heed to these notes, of course… that would make far too much sense.) >>>>>>>>

1. I need pottering time, big time. If I don’t get it, I start making up nonsensical lyrics to songs. Like the fonts song I started making up today to the tune of Kokomo (a sure sign I’m spending too much time in Microsoft Word), which so far goes: Tahoma, Verdana, Gothic and Lucida…

2. I can do late nights or early starts. But not both at once. Actually – who am I kidding – early starts and me are pretty average and probably not to be advised under (m)any circumstances.

3. I like agreeing to stuff. And helping. And then I get to about 2 in the morning, the bones in my neck locked rigid, and I’m staring, possum-like, matchstick-eyed, at piles of A3 scribbles and a junkyard of an inbox and going ohfuckohfuckohfuck. 

4. The internet has absolutely screwed my attention span. But the internet is part of my job (and I love the internet!), sooo… sayonara attention span… I never liked you much, anyway.

The other thing I noted today – which doesn’t really fit in my life manual but seemed noteworthy all the same – is how much of a giant crush I have on Hugh Laurie. It’s quite weird, really. It’s probably on a par with the crush I used to have on Richard Greico once upon a time. 

I also spent a bit of today writing about dog shit and what to do with it. It was one of those what the hell am I doing moments. But Sylvie and I cracked up about it (she is being just the most playful little sprite at the moment… totally out of character) and put it down to being character forming.

(Seriously, though, you can ask me anything about what to do with dog shit in public spaces and I can tell you.)

Tomorrow I get to see Caroline, who I haven’t seen in ages. She’s getting married. I was just now thinking about us years ago, traipsing around Melbourne buying every secondhand sex manual we could get our hands on, along with old 70s recipe books (for their pictures of gelatinous puddings, mostly). We knew exactly what we were after back then. We were singleminded and utterly resolute in purpose.

I was also thinking of my Melbourne poem, which probably makes reference to the Kama Sutra and Angel’s Delight. But the poem is purely a paper-based artifact, and it is currently living in the Sweetman archives, so maybe some other time.

Oh, and some other things. We just bought a house and little old katyink is one year and one week old. They grow up so fast. Over and out.


One Response to “this is not to scale”

  1. 1 Simon Sweetman

    Congrats on your blog being one year old. It’s crazy how it happens. But it does. Your blog is so easily my second favourite blog on the whole of the internet!

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