fairy lights & bucket fountain


Okay, so just quickly. I’m not even sure what I’m doing here. 1.44am. I guess I just felt like checking in.

Reading out loud is super awesome. Being read to, out loud, is even better. Listening is good. And hard. I am really shit at it. Or I’m okay at it when it doesn’t really matter and sub par when it probably does.

I have been all about the traps. This morning (or should I say yesterday morning) I smacked myself in the head with the receiver of an old-school phone while trying to silence my programmed wake-up call. And a few hours before that I had to get someone to prise a boot from my foot with joint-dislocating force. It was so nice to have my foot back, even if those boots will never see the light of day again.

Sometimes it’s the things you can’t pay for (or the things you’re used to having and are for some reason parted with) that you end up wanting the most. Like a foot, for example. The boot itself is inconsequential in the scheme of things. 

I think I might read my book now. For like five minutes or something. In my own bed, no chance of injuring myself with the bedside furniture in the dark of early morning.

Tonight we almost danced.

The day before yesterday I wrote a prose poem (um, for want of a better description) on a sick bag, partially to distract myself from turbulence.

Tonight I was quite taken with fairy lights and the very spluttery bucket fountain.

Tomorrow I don’t know what.


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