quiz nite


Today I did something a bit different in amongst everything else. I sent myself an email. All it said was: the universe is very quiet today. I think I was trying out a new kind of electronic note-taking. And now I can delete the email because I have replicated its entire contents here and here it lies safe, forevermore, should I ever need to refer back to it. Or safe, at least, until the internet implodes and/or every single server on the earth, out of nowhere, ceases to be.

Last night we watched Sleeping Dogs. It scared the shit out of me, but man it was good.

I am majorly in the throes of imaginary house decoration (weilding my imaginary measuring tape, spending my imaginary money, frittering away time I don’t really have). It’s currently my most favourite pastime. It’s all coming together nicely. And it won’t be imaginary for much longer.

Today I booked a second storage unit and come payday I might order the wallpaper from NY. I’m fairly confident of the exact placement of every ornament or piece of furniture we own. I know how this might make me sound but dammit I have a good time overplanning everyimaginarylittlething.

And I think I might know where I get it from. Last night my mother rang to bags setting up the kitchen in the new house. I think it’s the thing she is looking forward to the most. It’s a total win-win. (And if you ever want your kitchen sorted, by the way, my mother is totally the one for the job.)

Tonight we had the first of three quiz nites this week (see above for the outcome). Today was 80s quiz nite round at our place. A sort of a sort-of-farewell for a dear sweet girl (although maybe sweet isn’t quite the right word for the old duck), complete with cheese/toothpick/pineapple hedgehog, cheerios, sausage rolls, casked wine (not for me, might I quickly note), some ad-libbed bonus rounds, some rabble-rousing and some heartfelt, roof-raising sing-alongs.

Perhaps my best and most unexpected sing-along for the evening was this one.

Quiz nite 2, Lambton Quay, Friday. Quiz nite 3, Island Bay Bowling Club, Saturday. Something so convivial and cockle-warming about the things, even if I am utterly shit at them all and probably mostly interested in them for the cheerios and the prospect of chiming in on the free bar tabs and the general kudos won by the more trivia-savvy members of my team.


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