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It’s been a while. I probably wouldn’t make a very good correspondent in times of upheaval, disharmony or even minor crisis.  If I had a muse (s)he would probably be wearing slippers and drinking peppermint tea. And we’d probably contemplate things like paint charts and lamb shank slowcooking techniques more than we would actually do anything actually worthy of […]

I didn’t really think about it too much at the time. It was momentarily strange and then the day kicked in and it was nothing at all. Also, I have been dreaming so much lately it feels like I have a sort of underwordly/hall-of-mirrors/phantasmic other life thing going on. It sounds all very exotic when I describe it, […]



I just finished it. And while I had a lot of thoughts all the way through (I even considered making annotations as I read it… sort of like this craziness right here… but I didn’t) , I don’t have much of use to say other than it’s fucking excellent. Now I want to compare notes (even […]

dirty laundry


  This is Helene’s photo. I like laundromats and I really like the birds flying over in this photo. I also really like the colour of the sign. It’s nearly the colour my new craft room is going to be. In 11 days I will have a new craft room. Actually I will have a […]

  I live at the edge of the universe, like everybody else. That line has been stuck in my head for days. I think I know what it’s doing there. I think I do. I just wish I knew how the poem goes on, off the top of my head, but I don’t. And I […]

Bax in a box


Bax found a box with his name on it and made it his own. He’s not really one for photo opportunities, so I had to get a photo of it toot sweet, as Kath and/or Kim would say. Speaking of French, I’m actually in the middle of internet stalking (well, trying to track down) my […]

If in doubt, post pictures of cats — it’s failproof. This is Sylvie helping me pack. She’s giving me her anxious look. The so where are we going, then? look. It’s been a wee while between blogs. I was going to write at the beginning of the weekend. The thing I was going to write […]