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Not sure if it was just me, but I used to spend an inordinate amount of time when I was younger designing cover pages for my projects. I drew them first and then ran out of time for the actual project. But at least I had a damn good cover page. And if I had my cover page drawing time again I wouldn’t change a thing. Content be damned — prettiness is everything.

And I’m not afraid to admit I will always judge a book by its cover. No one likes an ugly cover, not even the most bookish or myopic amongst us. (Unless the cover is ugly beautiful, which is another thing altogether.) Anyway, speaking of covers, I just got the new Jonathan Franzen book, Freedom, and I am sort of transfixed by the holographic bird on its cover (and rushing this so I can go and read it).

And speaking of covers — again — and to finally make it to what I was meaning to say, instead of writing this I spent the last half hour or so making this (above) and this (below).

But I was making them for a reason. Sort of like cover pages. See, I thought since it’s the first day of September, and spring, and the beginning of my birthday month, I would do something a bit different. I thought I’d post the new intro to the intro (yes, it’s convoluted, I know) of Frankie right here. And to do this — of course — I needed a cover page. (And an extra one for good measure.)

So I had some other things to talk about, but I will talk about them some other time (like the nearly dead guy on the steps of St Peter’s today… Christ).

People have occasionally asked if I’d think about putting Frankie excerpts here. I’m not against it but she doesn’t excerpt well. She just kind of falls to pieces. But this should be okay. It’s only the intro to the intro.

Maybe you could tell me what sort of book you think it might be and how it’s all going to end up (that would be helpful, or at least interesting).


Things went quiet after a bit. Frankie knew what some of them thought, that the breaking news would come any time soon. That some Sunday driver would find Lila face-down somewhere, off the beaten track, maybe with leaves in her hair, her op-shop clothes pulled apart by damp. Gold coins and bus card untouched in what remained of her pockets.
But no news came. People stopped leaving frozen shepherd’s pies and date loaves and chilly bins of shellfish on ice. And then they stopped asking. And after that people stopped averting their eyes in the supermarket aisles, returning to their customary glazed nods and their slow-motion trolley manoeuvring.
That was when Frankie knew life wasn’t going to deal out any more thunderbolts. Lila’s column centimetres shrunk to nothing and Frankie could eat fish and chips out the back of the pack house without seeing Lila’s face all steeped in grease.
It was like the world had one day revealed a canyon-sized cleft, a hole so giant its dimensions couldn’t even be guessed at, and then sealed it over smooth as an old wound the next, turning its attentions once more to the pressing business of sun showers and tumbleweeds.


One Response to “new things & cover pages”

  1. Hey,
    So to admit I’m a big ‘spend all the time on the cover page!’ person like you. And that is exactly how I stumbled on to your page. I saw the cover page you made in Google Images and even though it has nothing to do with Small Business because I thought it was captivating and wanted to find the sources of it.
    So you’ve got one person hooked. 🙂
    The cover pages made me think it was about a guy who had to go to Hollywood for a reason ( a personal reason ) but never made it, maybe he found something else on the way or he failed. The horse however made me think of a cowboy.

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