dirty laundry



This is Helene’s photo. I like laundromats and I really like the birds flying over in this photo. I also really like the colour of the sign. It’s nearly the colour my new craft room is going to be. In 11 days I will have a new craft room. Actually I will have a whole new house. And while I’m talking about wall embellishments and what have you, this is possibly the pièce de resistance (in thunder). It’s only going to go on one wall, though. And in the formal room, as well. Although I should really just call it the music room, because it’s safe to say that’s what it will become (along with the rest of the house) and also we don’t really do formal, or even mildly grown-up, really.

I like imagining laundromats as a sort of stage for daily dramas, although I can’t say that I have ever frequented one.  I’d like to, but not to wash my clothes. I don’t really like the idea of dirty laundry in public, now that I think about it. Call me prudish or something.

Maybe it has something to do with the time I was returning to London from Sweden and my makeshift bag broke (I think I accumulated too much stuff so we made a new bag and put all my unwashed laundry in it and tied it up with string). Standing at the luggage carousel at Heathrow I didn’t think oh shit that looks like my underwear when I watched the oversized clear plastic bag go round and round unclaimed. I just thought what kind of shameless idiot would pack their underwear in a giant see-through plastic bag? Until it was the very last item on the carousel and I finally recognised the pattern on a pair of knickers or something and was forced to uplift it and fireman’s lift it (it was really that big) onto the tube and then the bus. There was really no disguising it, either, although I did try unsuccessfully to conceal it by using it as a cushion when I finally got to sit down.

Ugh. That’s a horrible recollection. I can’t believe I just shared it. But I didn’t really have anything else to write about this evening though, apart from the cats, and I have been thinking how I don’t really want to turn into crazy cat lady of the internet. So I’ve resolved to only post photos of the cats intermittently. Every other week, maybe.

Oh but that could then open up my blogging schedule for pictures of some little cuties, like these two…

Look how cute they both are. Even cuter than cats, dare I say it.


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