I just finished it. And while I had a lot of thoughts all the way through (I even considered making annotations as I read it… sort of like this craziness right here… but I didn’t) , I don’t have much of use to say other than it’s fucking excellent. Now I want to compare notes (even though I didn’t actually make any) with someone else who has read it. I think I might pester some likely suspects.

The whole literary sexism debate that’s sparked up around the book/Franzen’s appearance in Time is pretty interesting too. Although I can’t help but want to point out to Jodi Picoult that, male or not, Franzen is so far out of her league it’s not funny. I suppose I probably need to actually read something by Jodi Picoult first, though, before instantly jumping — swooningly and all weak-kneed — to the defence of a literary master.

I can’t wait to unpack all our books next week and read the essays of his I never got around to. But for now I have some unfinished books to get back to, like Anthropology of an American Girl and Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Although I’ll probably start my new book, Gifted, first because I seem incapable of doing anything in a straightforward manner. And heaven forbid I aim for just one book at a time. I never have and I probably never will. Which would be okay if I wasn’t such a dawdler or so easily overwhelmed by sleep.

I’m already fantasising about getting our next bookshelves built. Fortunately I know just the man for the job (also handy we can pay him in wine and gratitude and hugs).

I liked this photo a lot today. Christchurch from space. As seen and explained here.

Apparently ‘the biggest storm on the planet’ hits here tomorrow. And tomorrow both the digits in my age will be the same. That doesn’t happen much, precisely once a decade, so I guess it’s kind of cool.


4 Responses to “freedom”

  1. 1 Samuel

    Happy Birthday from me and the plastic/paper monkey

  2. 2 Anthony

    better than corrections? corrections is my favourite book of all _____.

  3. I loved Franzen’s Freedom and Jodi Picoult’s work is brilliant, I should add. She didn’t have anything against Franzen or his work. I’m a fan, obviously. But, now I’m an even bigger fan of Franzen. I’m reading the Corrections at present, so far so good, but I can’t help thinking Freedom is better! We’ll see.

    • 4 katy77

      I definitely reckon Freedom is better, but it’s been a while since I read The Corrections. I’m lookin forward to reading some of his non fiction stuff now

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