my desk


Getting started is the hardest part. I find that with pretty much everything.

I have finally set up my desk. This is it. I haven’t sat at this desk for seven or so years. It has been lovingly kept, though. And it’s in a much better state now than it was in the Mt Vic days when it took up a third of my bedroom.

In the Mt Vic room there was a bed and a desk and a wardrobe and a passage as wide as a 30 cm ruler in between the desk and the bed and the door, and most of the 30 cm gap was stacked with books, so I sort of had to leapfrog my way out into the hallway using whatever clear floor space I could find.

And I slept with the one sash window wide open in most weather and all seasons. I piled an igloo of duvets on top of me to stay warm with the open window right by my head as I slept. Funny times. Strange funny, I mean.

It feels good to have everything set up now, desk-wise. I feel more like myself or something. Now I just need to conquer my new supermarket disorientation and time the walk to work a bit better and I’ll be just fine. Just fine.


3 Responses to “my desk”

  1. 1 Jilly Fran

    Welcome to your desk’s new home. It looks good and makes me happy to know you have rrom for it now. Happy times.

  2. How long until the desk gets filled with junk ? 🙂

  3. 3 katy77

    Not long at all. In fact it already is…

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