Fake space adventures & Alf’s soliloquy


This is the beginning of the family photo wall. I finally got around to it tonight. I’ve got about half as many photos again to find frames for, but it can wait. I seem to have already depleted The Warehouse’s halfway decent bargain bin photo frame stock. I calculate I spent about $3.79 per frame, stockpiling them over the course of a year or so. Less than $5.00 per unit, anyway. Apart from the one I spent $80 on, which sort of throws everything out. (See if you can guess which of these frames cost $80… Although a white frame is a white frame is a white frame, probably, at this distance.)

I got home before 6 this evening and had the rare pleasure of being drawn in by the end of Home and Away. The cliffhanger worked its full and gasp-worthy magic on me, even though I only caught the last 10 minutes, even though I haven’t watched Home and Away in many, many years. Alf’s soliloquy was particularly poignant. Good old Alf; he’s a stalwart with a dark secret and a checkered past that’s just gone and got all stirred up out of blimmin’ nowhere. Soap gold.

I guess the other thing of note from today was the astronaut thing. Downstage was doing a dress up as an astronaut and get your photo taken just like you’re in space one-day-only thing this evening. I really wanted to go and get my photo taken as an astronaut but I was too lazy. So instead I killed an idle 10 minutes crudely Photoshopping people’s faces onto an astronaut’s body. Like so:


2 Responses to “Fake space adventures & Alf’s soliloquy”

  1. Heh – love the fake astronaut photo 🙂

  2. 2 katy77

    If you squint your eyes so as to overlook the strange Photoshopped bib I am wearing I look like a real astronaut!

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