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Journal excavation, again. Different journal and lolly-coloured lenses to add an element of visual interest. I started this and then got sidetracked rearranging words/lines out of this journal. It was fun until I got bored. It’s all scribbles and glued stuff. And so many words in strange sequences, like dodecahedron and gingerbread and beeswax and […]

At a loose end before bed tonight (tired all day and now not at all… just looking out at three-and-a-bit quarters of the moon and feeling sad for my grandfather in hospital, and for the miners’ families) I went through the notebooks (not the diaries) from my years on earth as a 13 and 14 […]

Today I dressed my avatar. I could even change her size, although I could only fatten her up to a point (clicking and watching as her unclothed thighs grew elastic and comely right in front of me… but only comely to a point, as I said). She doesn’t really look like me. She’s wearing more red […]

paper moon


  Today I had one of my boarding school dreams. I was sitting in the car outside the boarding house with all my worldly goods crammed in the back. The carpark was empty, the sky unreal, and I was saying I’m too old for this. But still I went in. I sat in the corridor […]

(And here, now.) I think I might have just been on my way to bed. But my Morrissey hits (yes, hits) marathon hasn’t quite finished playing out and I have half a glass of wine just sitting here… Plus it needs to be at least midnight before I can even begin to entertain the idea […]

So, today. The Queen is on Facebook. It has been a week of quirks and television. Our ghost has given up its pranks for now, though, which is a bit disappointing. Although various other characters — a veritable spate of them — have appeared from out of the ancient woodwork only slightly more crinkled than […]

This took my fancy. Paul Henry as the subject of Banksy-styled street art, Lambton Quay. Notoriety is a curious thing. Being of a meek and shuffly disposition myself, ever-fearful of causing offence or bringing any kind of hurt whatsoever to bear on a fragile world, I sort of marvel at human trainwreck situations (figuratively, I mean). They are so utterly foreign […]