Sad songs on jangly pianos


So, today. The Queen is on Facebook. It has been a week of quirks and television. Our ghost has given up its pranks for now, though, which is a bit disappointing. Although various other characters — a veritable spate of them — have appeared from out of the ancient woodwork only slightly more crinkled than they were when last I saw them.

There’s sun at home time. Today for the first time I noticed the shoes slung over the phone lines in our street. It all augurs well. They’ve been there for a while, too. I could tell because the sunlight was catching their cobwebs.

I am fighting the urge to abandon this and go and watch Grand Designs. Our new TV set-up is quite something (even better in the weekend when we turn it into a hut with blankets and pillows and stuff). I can cook and watch TV simultaneously (not when I’m in the hut, though). Which is practically revolutionary.

Tonight we finally watched The Man in the Hat doco on Peter McLeavey (as he takes the longest walk from Thorndon to Cuba Street EVER, but it’s all the more charming/ambling/familiar for it). I wasn’t cooking as we watched it, and neither was I in the TV hut (given that it’s only Monday, and that’s not school-night behaviour).

Speaking of docos, Aro Valley highlights so far:

  • Aro Video (and their 10-trip concession cards)
  • Shoes on the wire
  • Aro Cafe coffee (and their food)
  • Aro Fish & Chips
  • The philosophy school (I haven’t been to class in a while — I think my philosophy fad may have permanently passed now — but the exterior is impressive enough on its own)
  • Our cul-de-sac, apart from the Bird Shit Tree, which isn’t cool (although it does make us clean the car more often).

Ew. Can’t believe I just used BULLET POINTS here (also not sure why I’ve started accentuating words in caps of late, either, but we’ll leave that for now) — makes me feel like I’m at work. But they did tidy things up a bit, so I’ll leave them.

Another list I started compiling in my head today (not sure whether or not to use bullet points here… dilemma) —

my life’s ambitions and/or obsessions/preoccupations (for this week):

  • Crown Lynn Air New Zealand koru plates
  • Laurence Aberhart photography
  • Lampshades
  • Sad songs on jangly pianos (but more on that in a minute)
  • Card making marathons
  • Ghost baiting

Today it was my night to introduce new music to Simon. Mostly of the sad-songs-on-jangly-piano variety. I listened to Perfume Genius a lot today. This is him here. Look at his face and listen to the words and if your facial muscles don’t so much as twitch then you’re officially a monster.


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  1. Love the song…

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