all things, everywhere, all the time


(And here, now.) I think I might have just been on my way to bed. But my Morrissey hits (yes, hits) marathon hasn’t quite finished playing out and I have half a glass of wine just sitting here… Plus it needs to be at least midnight before I can even begin to entertain the idea of a pillow.

These charming little mountain houses caught my eye just now. They’re probably not entirely structurally sound. But they’re beautiful and whimsical and just a little bit ethereal, which means they can get away with all the flimsiness in the world, should they wish to. Slipshoddily pretty is okay. Defunctly ugly most likely isn’t.

Morrissey makes me feel extremely happy. It’s odd. Maybe it’s an inverse proportionality sort of thing. All he needs to do is sing something like when will you die?  or I’ve changed my plea to guilty because freedom is wasted on me and I’m all awash with inner warmth and magnanimity.

Two things before bed. Or maybe more. I’m hardly one for counting.

Oh, and one before I start: I have been training Sylvie to do seal tricks. She’s like a mini panda crossed with a meercat. And also, just quickly, I just discovered sloths are cute! I think I thought sloths were the same thing as amoebas – somewhere in my head I must have made them interchangeable. Thank god for Google for clearing everything up. I might have gone forever without knowing the difference.

Right, but seriously now.

1. I have a real thing for pictures and stuff you can touch. Words are okay, but I’m a bit over them to be honest. I think that’s why I spend so much evening time on sites like A Journey Round My Skull and Anonymous Works. (And fabric and ceramics websites, etc.) Just filling my eyes with things I don’t have to think too much about. An antidode to the day’s ant-march of text and all its attendant braincramp.

I have finished studying until February. And in February I am going to study pretty (and also ugly) things — actual things, not just things represented by words — for a whole year. And it counts, credit-wise, towards all this postgrad nonsense I’ve got myself in for (which is quite possibly the most awesome loophole in the academic system that I have ever discovered). I think I have to use words to talk about the things, but I can live with that. This year’s study effort was fucking fucking awful. I hated it all. But pretty things will be okay.

2. This internet caper is quite something. I know I say that a lot. Quite soon I will have finished Christmas shopping for the entire family, on both sides, and I will not have set foot inside a shop to buy even one thing. (That’s no exaggeration, either — I have wrapping paper left over from last year and I have made all my cards. I might need to buy some more ribbon, though, although I think I am actually going to improvise, in a craft-Macgyver sort of fashion.) And as of today our wine is delivered to our doorstep. I’d order groceries online, too, but I have a bit of a thing for aisle-meandering. 

More stuff than you could poke even the giantest stick at, day or night. Morrissey would possibly not approve. Not that I would ever dream of supposing what Morrissey would or wouldn’t do — that would be bordering on the sacrilegious. As for me, it just makes my little head hurt, but mostly in a good way.


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